Amery is obsessed with texture and color. Working with silver and gold to achieve an organic quality is what brings joy to her heart and uniqueness to her jewelry line. Finding inspiration in the native New Zealand bush, and the wonders of the underwater world, her work is hand-hewn with bumps, patterns, and a texture that is unique to her signature style. She is known in the United States for her stacking rings in gold and sterling accented with natural gemstones and diamonds.  They are organic and regal, featuring crowns and textures in various widths that make them perfect for an everyday ring to an alternative bridal selection.

For the American market, Amery's work is made in her Los Angeles studio to keep it American made. The originals are carved by hand, by her,  in New Zealand and she works closely with her team of skilled technicians to achieve the desired finished product. She is starting a range of bespoke pieces in New Zealand, created entirely by her hand. These feature one of a kind stones that she's collected over the years like the magpie she is. These will be added soon to the website and will all be very limited edition, but because of the nature of the stones and the metal-smithing process, no two will be exactly alike.

Our Story

For Amery, there is no “before she was designing jewelry”. She started making her own jewelry as a tiny girl from the seashells she collected on the beach in Miami, where she spent her early years. “The shells my sister and I collected on the beach screamed to be worn!”  Her mom recognized the spark and taught her how to use a small hand-held drill to drill holes in the shells so she could create bohemian pieces out of her treasures.

Fast forward through college and various jobs, and the jewelry bug just wouldn't let go. Wanting to add something special to her beaded pieces, she took a class through a local jewelry store, Accents,  taught by jeweller Steven Hanna. A whole new world opened up as soon as she started carving in wax. Since then, she's been hooked on the possibilities of wax, honing her skills since 1998.